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Let me create your unique, beautiful wedding ceremony

Imagine a different kind of wedding ceremony. It’s so personal to you, completely authentic, romantic – and funny! You’ll hear your love story told brilliantly – with laughter and romance, including your family and friends. All the words, music and readings are exactly what you want, with no restrictions. When you look around, your guests are listening intently, loving every minute. You feel confident, so happy and relaxed. Your ceremony is a perfectly-judged, beautiful celebration of your love for each other. It’s exactly as you dreamed it would be.

Afterwards, your family and friends will tell you how ‘you’ it all was. The ceremony helped them get  to know you better. There were no bland, boring bits, no cliches – just a sparkling ceremony, full of romance and happiness. 

This is my promise to you: a beautiful, bespoke ceremony – exactly right for you.

I specialise in creative, inclusive wedding ceremonies – personalised from start to finish. I’m inspired by who you are: your story, your quirks, your talents and your interests – however niche! You’re free to revel in wedding tradition or go totally off-piste and do your own thing. Whatever you decide, your wedding will be a one-off, created and delivered by me.

I’m here for you at every step, to advise, listen and share ideas. On your wedding day, you’ll know me well so you’ll, so be able to relax and be in the moment together.

Your ceremony can be everything you love about a wedding, with a host of new options you didn’t even know were possible. You’ll remember it with happiness forever. 

But don’t take my word for it! Take a look at what my lovely couples say … 

What's different about a celebrant wedding ceremony?

A celebrant ceremony is fundamentally different to a church or a register office ceremony. It’s 100% personalised to you and original. It reflects who you are and everything you love. 

A celebrant wedding ceremony means …

  • Being true to yourselves with a ceremony that’s all about you and different from anyone else’s.
  • Setting the tone and style yourself, with complete creative freedom.
  • Expressing your own wonderful, personal vows: the most beautiful moment in your ceremony.
  • Enjoying the sight of your family and friends, completely engaged and enjoying the ceremony from start to finish. 
  • A celebrant who you know and like. I have your backs – all the way. You can contact me anytime about your ceremony. I’ll help with advice and useful info on readings, music and local  suppliers.
  • Benefiting from my expertise and understanding of people and weddings. I know what you and your guests need to feel relaxed and comfortable.  I’m very sensitive to issues around mental health, disability, accessibility and language barriers. My weddings are LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive.
  • Your ceremony will be of the highest quality, written and delivered personally by me.
  • A celebrant wedding means loving every moment of your ceremony, sharing it with family and friends and remembering it with happiness. 

How a celebrant wedding works

A celebrant isn’t licensed to do legal marriages in England, so to be legally married, you need to book this with your local register office. You might choose to do this the day before or afterwards. There’s also the option to have the registrars come to your venue, if it’s licensed.

The simplest legal ceremony is typically available midweek and is inexpensive. You pay more for a bigger ceremony room, on a Saturday, or for the registrars to come to your venue. To book your legal ceremony, contact your local UK register office or the equivalent abroad.

I know this might seem a bit confusing but as an ex-registrar myself, I can answer your questions, so you’re clear about your choices.

Only a celebrant can offer you the time and expertise needed to create a fully personalised, original ceremony, with no restrictions or rules.


How I work with you

When I plan your ceremony I ask you lots of questions to make sure I know exactly what you want and also to find out what makes you tick. Creating your ceremony is fun and many couples also find it insightful.

My wedding ceremony fee is £800 and includes:

  • all phone calls, emails and meetings including face-to-face and online
  • creation of the ceremony concept
  • writing and editing of a full, bespoke script
  • writing your vows or helping you to write your own
  • ongoing contact with you and the venue co-ordinator
  • leading the ceremony on the day
  • a presentation copy of the full wedding celebration script and certificate
  • travel costs – within a 20 mile radius of DT6 (beyond is charged at .45p per mile).

My 2025 fee is £850.  

Next steps

Does a celebrant wedding sound good to you? If so, let’s have a chat! This is your chance to ask me questions and see if I’m the right celebrant for you, with absolutely no obligation.