Choosing a celebrant

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The great joy of having a celebrant is the connection you build while planning a cermeony. So, it’s good to choose someone you feel you’ll get on well with, who listens to you, and who gives you confidence.

I’m friendly and empathetic and my ceremonies are uplifting, warm and inclusive. I’m responsive and reply quickly with answers to your questions. You’ll find planning your ceremony with me a positive experience and if it’s a wedding, it will be lots of fun.

Being a celebrant is an absolute joy for me – I love meeting people and hearing their stories. Leading a ceremony for you will be my privilege. I never take it lightly. I will look after you, your family and friends, as I would like to be looked after myself.

Do I need a celebrant?

I’m an expert at creating bespoke ceremonies. Bespoke means totally personalised to you – the perfect combination of the words, vibe and energy you want. It might feel like I’ve known you, or your loved one for years. I know what makes a ceremony amazing. It will flow, with creativity, meaning and purpose. The audience is involved and engaged. It’s authentic: there’s no padding, pointless bits, or boring words that sound like a cut and paste job, or even worse – someone else’s ceremony. I handle the practicalities and I consider possible pitfalls, that you may not have thought of.

The result is a ceremony that’s perfect for you, which brings everyone together in a very emotional connection. 

About me


I began my celebrant career with the Dorset Registration Service in 2014, then trained as a funeral celebrant and set up Beautiful Day Celebrant, offering ceremonies for all life’s milestones. I am also an experienced presentation skills trainer and I have a counselling skills qualification.

I’m interested in all kinds of people, their stories and almost everything else I can think of. I love art and all the arts. I also love rubbish reality TV, the gym (not obsessively), nice dresses (slightly obsessively), chocolate (all kinds), flowers, stupid jokes, charity shop fashion, classical music and pop music; fantasising about island-hopping in Greece. I’m very inspired by wildlife, nature and the sea. Do you love any of these things too?

I live in the buzzy seaside town of Bridport, West Dorset. I’m happily married and have two children, an elderly cat and a nutty spaniel. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/rm