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Should I take my child to a funeral?

I’m confident that children of all ages can benefit enormously from going to funerals. With the comfort and love of their family, they can come to accept that death is natural, and how to celebrate and mourn for someone they love.

How to write a funeral tribute

Can you write a funeral tribute? Yes you can. Make it simple, genuine and heartfelt. Find out how to write a personal, relevant tribute to a loved one.

What to say – or not say – to someone who is grieving

Knowing what to say – or what not to say – to someone who’s lost a loved one isn’t easy. Words are often hard to find, hence the expression ‘I don’t know what to say’. As a celebrant, I sometimes meet several bereaved families each week, so getting this right is really important to me.

Alicen Dines, Wedding Celebrant with a happy couple

What to expect from me as your celebrant

When you choose a celebrant, getting on well together and trusting them with your special day is so important. Celebrants come in all shapes and sizes, with different price tags but personality is the most important thing.