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How much does a wedding celebrant cost?

Find out what a wedding celebrant costs – and everything that’s included in my fee. You get so much more than a beautiful, bespoke ceremony. You get my experience and support, my contacts and creative inspiration. I’m your wedding buddy – all the way.

What is a unity candle ceremony?

A unity candle ceremony is a wedding ritual which uses lighted candles to symbolise the uniting of a couple in marriage. It’s one of my favourite symbolic rituals, because it’s simple, meaningful and unpretentious. It adds an extra dimension to a wedding ceremony, it looks beautiful very importantly, everyone understands it.

Wedding planning in a pandemic

  It’s not news that wedding planning in a pandemic is tricky.  It feels like being in a weird virtual wedding waiting room, where people

what is a handfasting

What is a handfasting?

Handfasting is a beautiful, ancient marriage ritual, which has found a new fresh expression in modern weddings and commitment ceremonies. It involves tying a couple’s

Feeling relaxed as this lion about your wedding?!

How to stay happy with your wedding and stop worrying

You’ve organised your wedding down to the last detail, made all the decisions about the ceremony and reception. Now you can just lie back and relax, right?

If that’s you – hooray, excellent, carry on! If it’s not you and you’re still feeling really stressed about your wedding, this blog post is for you.

Wedding celebration

How to make a great wedding speech

With the wedding season underway, there may be some sweaty moments ahead for all those who hate making speeches and who is committed to making one…