All the wows with your vows! How to write your own wedding vows

Writing your own wedding vows really elevates your ceremony from standard to super special. What could be more romantic than making your own promises, saying ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ in your own words? If you’d love to wow with your vows but have no idea where to start, let’s go! Here’s the wonderful moment when Xinmei and Josh laughed and cried with pure love and emotion, as they shared their vows.

wedding couple making vows
Image by White Stag Wedding Photography

If I’m your your wedding celebrant, you’ll have this support as standard – plus loads more, but here are some tips to get you going.

Fear not the blank page: inspiration will come!

Most people panic at the sight of a blank screen and have a mortal fear of the blank page. They (quite naturally) think that all the answers will be there for them on Google/social media.

STOP! The problem with Google/social media is that you’ll be so overwhelmed with options, you’ll have no confidence in your own ideas. Your own ideas are always the best ideas. It’s your wedding.

Remember that old trick about not thinking about pink elephants, which makes you only think about pink elephants? Google/social media give you pink elephants, green monkeys,  blue parrots – the whole safari.

Forget about everyone else’s vows, what do YOU want to say to your partner?

Be your own wordsmith

Some people think they’re no good with words and that therefore their wedding vows won’t be any good either. Not true. Your partner loves you as you are, and if your wedding vows sound like you, that’s perfect. I’m not just indulging you here – it’s true. When you use your own normal words and expressions, your vows will sound right. ‘Right’ means genuine, personal and original, which is exactly what your wedding ceremony should be.

Pair up your wedding vows

My final tip is all about pairing up your wedding vows, so you and your partner are both happy with them. Think about matching the length and the tone. You can choose to say the same thing, or your might personalise them. You could do something completely different from each other. Your vows should be serious and heartfelt, but you can add humour if that feels right.

Whatever else you say … remember to say ‘I love you’!!

Go for it!

And finally – start early, don’t procrastinate. You’ll feel great when your vows are done and they will be ‘wower’ with the extra time and effort you put in. Have fun with them and be proud of your vows.

Need more help? Get in touch – I’d love to help you create your perfect wedding. For more info on my bespoke ceremonies, take a look at my weddings page

If you love Xinmei and Josh’s wedding photo, check out their photographer White Stag Wedding Photography