How much does a wedding celebrant cost?

I’m no politician, so I’ll tell you straight that my weddings cost £700. And now, can I tell you why a wedding celebrant is worth every penny, and what you’ll get for your money. You’re getting a beautiful, bespoke wedding ceremony, AND you’re getting something money can’t buy. In a nutshell, it’s a unique, richer more ‘wow!’ experience of a wedding ceremony that no one will have ever seen before.

Why have a wedding celebrant?

Weddings are full of beautiful things, but how many tug on the heartstrings like the moment you exchange your vows? This is the emotional heart of the day. It’s the bit everyone looks forward to, like the jammy heart in a jammy dodger biscuit. A celebrant frames that moment with a beautiful ceremony, full of your personality, meaning and joy.  It’s much more than just words: it’s a shared feeling of connection. Your guests get a deeper insight into your your world, and hear your love story told in a brilliant, original way.  And all that – even before we get to your vows!

So, let me tell you what I invest in your wedding.

What’s included in my ceremony fee?

My fee is based on the complete time we work together, not just the length of the ceremony. I spend time getting to know you, and then researching, thinking, creating, writing and delivering your ceremony. That’s the same process, whether your wedding is 30 minutes or 45 minutes long.

We get to know each other via face to face meetings, a couple of thought-provoking questionnaires, emails, phone calls and texts. I ask you questions; you ask me questions… like this one for a couple who met at Pizza Hut:

I give you my creative ideas, and my ability to upscale your ideas and make them happen, as you imagine. I have years of professional and creative copywriting experience, so I can express your thoughts, in a way that sounds natural and right for you. You get my degree in English Literature, which helps me find the kind of readings you might like, plus you get my nerdy obsession with interesting words.

You get my membership of celebrant networks, which gives me training and keeps my work fresh. You get my years as a registrar, to help you navigate the English legal marriage system. You get my industry contacts, to help you find the best suppliers of things like candles and ribbons.

You get my shiny new PA system and my fancy presentation script in a smart box. And you get free mileage 20 miles outside my home town of Bridport.

Beautiful Day Celebrant wedding ceremony script

AND of course, you get ME – all the way from the booking stage to when you become brand new newlyweds. I’m here to muse with you, help you, celebrate with you, empathise and commiserate with you if this get stressful. I’m a sounding board for your thoughts, and someone you can turn to for wedding advice. I’m like a professional wedding buddy; we’ll have lots of chats and laughs in the run-up to your big day.

And when that day dawns, I’m very calm. I’ll help you with nerves, wobbly legs, a last-minute needs for water and tissues, the label that sticks out, the stray thread on your dress, the guest that needs a chair, or a chat. I’ll take a photo, move a table – whatever needs doing. And I’ll deliver your ceremony confidently and engagingly. When I look out and see your friends and family smiling at you, laughing at a bit of your love story, or shedding a sneaky tear – that makes me happy.

Alicen Dines celebrant with wedding couple

Together, we’ll have created something really special and wonderful memories you’ll keep forever. Everyone will enjoy it and talk about it. That’s the kind of wedding I offer. Is it your kind of wedding too?

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