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Should I take my child to a funeral?

I’m confident that children of all ages can benefit enormously from going to funerals. With the comfort and love of their family, they can come to accept that death is natural, and how to celebrate and mourn for someone they love.

How much does a wedding celebrant cost?

Find out what a wedding celebrant costs – and everything that’s included in my fee. You get so much more than a beautiful, bespoke ceremony. You get my experience and support, my contacts and creative inspiration. I’m your wedding buddy – all the way.

What is a unity candle ceremony?

A unity candle ceremony is a wedding ritual which uses lighted candles to symbolise the uniting of a couple in marriage. It’s one of my favourite symbolic rituals, because it’s simple, meaningful and unpretentious. It adds an extra dimension to a wedding ceremony, it looks beautiful very importantly, everyone understands it.

How to write a funeral tribute

Can you write a funeral tribute? Yes you can. Make it simple, genuine and heartfelt. Find out how to write a personal, relevant tribute to a loved one.

Wedding planning in a pandemic

  It’s not news that wedding planning in a pandemic is tricky.  It feels like being in a weird virtual wedding waiting room, where people